It seems like the entire country is in the middle of a major meltdown.


The precited high for Ironman Coeur D’Alene this past weekend was 100 degrees,

And here on the East Coast, it has been MUGGY!

Let’s review Kopcha’s Top 5 Ways of Managing the Summer Heat!

1. Train Early in the Day. Even if you aren’t a morning person…trust me on this. It’s the coolest part of the day and the calmest. I always enjoy my ride more when I can beat the heat AND the traffic. And if morning doesn’t work…evening time beats the lunchtime heat hands down.

2. Hydrate. Even if you aren’t thirsty. If you are dehydrated, you diminish your ability to perspire. Sweat is how the body temperature regulates (cools off!). Also, make sure you are taking in plenty of electrolytes!

3. Dress Appropriately. Sport-specific gear (NOT COTTON) wicks away moisture and dries quickly. Also, light-colored clothing will reflect the sun’s rays better. It’s not always cool to wear black!

4. Sunscreen! Even on cloudy days. We all know that it protects us from skin damage. Studies have also shown that wearing sunscreen can decrease your overall body and skin temperatures.

5. Ditch the watch. Start SLOW and run according to Rate of Perceived Exerion (Effort). Our ability to run at our “typical pace” starts to decrease at 60 degrees! Don’t worry…your speed will return with the cooler temperatures. Fall PR’s are made with summer sweat!

Have a tip you want to share! Message me and I’ll add it to the list!

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