After a long winter of indoor training, it’s important to re-familiarize ourselves with some basic bike handling skills when hitting the open road. It’s important to have strong bike handling skills to navigate the roads safely and efficiently.

Here are my TOP 4 BIKE HANDLING SKILLS for triathletes and cyclists to practice when they start riding outside.

1. Cornering: Cornering is a fundamental skill that every triathlete should master. When approaching a turn, it’s important to slow down and shift your weight to the outside pedal. Look through the turn in the direction you are headed and lean your bike into the corner. Practice cornering at different speeds and angles to build confidence and control. When in doubt, get out of the way and slow down!

2. Braking: Knowing how to brake effectively is essential for safety and control. Practice using both your front and rear brakes, and learn how to modulate your braking power to avoid skidding or losing control. Remember to brake before entering a turn, not during it!

3. Riding in a group: Group riding is a great social activity, so it’s important to know how to ride safely and efficiently in a pack. Practice drafting behind other riders, communicating with hand signals and verbal cues, and maintaining a consistent speed and line. Always be aware of your surroundings and anticipate the movements of other riders.

4. Practice taking in nutrition: The longer you ride, the more important it becomes to eat and drink on the go. Practice riding straight ad steady while grabbing water bottles, drinking, and being able to put them back. (This last one was an issue for me at a race a few years back!) Same goes for food!

By practicing these bike handling skills, you can improve your performance and safety on the road. Remember to start slowly and gradually. Have fun and happy riding!

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