It’s a conversation I‘ve had several times. With my athletes. With potential clients. With participants in my classes. All usually looking to maybe loose a little weight, but more likely looking to “tone up” or “look more defined”. They are usually already doing strength work.

So we talk about the kind of strength training they are doing, and the importance of lifting heavy…..think 4-6 reps. Heavy. Assuming your foundational technique and form will support it.

But the other question I ask…how is your nutrition and how much protein are you getting?

A common response…”I think I eat pretty well. I’ll have some chicken on my salad at lunch and a protein source at dinner.”

In this example, we are talking about 2 servings of protein a day. One serving of protein is approximately the size of your palm.

According to Precision Nutrition, moderately active people can usually maintain their heath with 1-2 portions of protein at each meal. Add in exercise, and that number goes up.

Why is protein important?

It helps build and repair lean muscle and keeps us feeling full longer. (Fun fact…according to the National Institute of Health, muscle mass decreases approximately 3-8% per decade after the age of 30.)

Need some more help?

I’m always hear for questions!

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