Learning new things is hard.

And when you are a beginner it’s all new.

And when you try to keep current, whether in your profession or the things your are passionate able, it still seems new and confusing. Which is challenging when you don’t feel like a beginner.

That’s where I have found myself the last few weeks. Trying to stay on top of my classes, training, home life, and business. I’m adding new and fun elements on the business end, which is fun and exciting. But it’s meant diving head first into a bunch of back end technology that I’m not well versed in. And it’s made me want to slam my head into the wall and throw my IPad into Long Island Sound. It’s been frustration and exhausting.

I’ve always been someone who dives in with enthusiasm, mixed in with a good deal of stubbornness. I don’t give up, which is a good thing. It reminds me of years ago, when a local coach took a look at my running form and told me I would never get to Boston running the way I did. Headstrong and stubborn, I ran it. Twice.

So today’s blog is just a gentle reminder to give yourself to grace and time that is needed to grow and learn. If it’s learning a brand new skill, improving your swim efficiency, increasing how much you deadlift, finding the sweet spot to hold your favorite arm balance…or leaning how to use Garage Band. Take a deep breathe. Be patient. Put it out into the universe that you can’t do everything as well as you would like immediately, and ask for help. I promise, you’ll get there! You’ll figure it out if you let yourself be coachable!

As for me, it’s always practice! So I’m going to save this and attempt to post it to what will eventually be Chris Kopcha 2.0 as I update my website!

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