Stubborn or Determined

Testing testing 1, 2, 3…

Something to think about this weekend.

Which are you?

Me, a little of both. But a little stubbornness isn’t a bad thing. As long as you can be patient while figuring it out!

For example:

I’ve been working on my swim for a long time. This week I had a major breakthrough which is is helping me feel more confident. Because I am determined enough to improve that I kept plugging away, even when I felt slow and uncoordinated.

Another example….technology is not my forte. And I stubbornly spent the better part of two afternoons trying to figure out how to get this very blog you are reading to magically get sent to you. Because I was determined to figure it out.

So, where is the line between stubborn and determined?

Or maybe what we should be striving for is persistence. For persistence is often found in those who are naturally stubborn (Ahem), but have enough experience to know when to stop bulldozing there way through a challenge, and attempting it from a different angle.

Happy Friday.

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