What is more important….

That was the question was asked today. I was catching up with someone who takes my classes at the gym and has followed my triathlon journey. Her question was do I think specificity of training, strength work, or nutrition is more important when preparing for races.

My answer, you guessed it, was YES.

But I want to break it down for a moment.

It goes without saying that Specificity of training really important. To do the thing, and do the thing well, you need to practice the thing. No matter what it is. The end.

But if I want to do it well, I need to be able to put some strength and power behind it. If I can’t I’m just dragging myself from point A to point B.

And do get there without running out of steam…that’s where nutrition comes in.

See…they all go together. You may be able to know how to ride a bike, but it takes strength to push and pull the pedals up hills and through wind. And if you don’t fuel up, don’t plan on getting very far.

One is not more important than the other, and making sure you are focusing on all three is a never ending circle!

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